Carkner Construction was founded by Jeff Carkner in 1992. Jeff received his Associates Degree in Construction Engineering from Canton College and began his career in home remodeling, which grew into full scale house remodeling and additions. In 2002, Jeff began focusing on commercial projects and phasing out of the residential projects. The company has grown to $20 Million a year in annual sales working across New York State, including areas such as Central, Western, and Eastern New York.

Today, Carkner Construction offers services such as complete renovations, new commercial construction, construction management, and apartment complex renovation. With over 20 years of construction experience, Carkner Construction is dependable at finishing jobs on time and on budget. The company believes in being part of every project and working closely with the property owners in order to keep them informed throughout the process. This sets Carkner Construction apart from many other contractors, and allows the company to build trust with their clients.

Jeff can be reached personally by email or on his cell phone.

Email: pryan@carknerconstruction.com

Cell: (315) 430-7080